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SDU-Pueblo Observatory

Connect Charter School 104 E 7th Street, corner of Santa Fe Ave and 7th

7/10/17    Roncalli School

6/11/17  Doyle Settlement/School for the History Buffs

Academy Charter School 1120 W. Court Street

Belmont Elementary School

Bessemer Elementary School, John Neumann Catholic School, 1125 E. Routt Ave.

Bradford Elementary School, 107 S. La Crosse Ave.

Carlie Elementary School, 736 W. Evans Street

Centennial High School

Central High School

Central High School

Central High School

Original Central High School, Erected 1882, the oldest school building in Pueblo County

CSU-P Campus Ground photo but nice

CSU-P Observatory    Yes, you do have to walk up that hill to get there...

CSU-P Student Housing at Wolf-village

CSU-P Observatory 4200 Nature Center Road

District 60 Administration Building Corner of Grand Street and 11th Street

Dolores Muerta Preparatory High

Dutch Clark Stadium

East High School

Edison School, Dist No. 20, Built 1909, 1122 Russ Ave.  or 900 W. Mesa Ave.

53.   900 W. Mesa EDISON SCHOOL National Register 06/19/1985, 5PE.4215 A multi-purpose central building and two single classroom
 "unit school houses" were constructed in 1909. Two more "units" and a four classroom building were added in 1923. Edison School
 is noted for its experimental design which incorporated windows located near the ceiling on three sides of the classrooms in an
 attempt to provide uniform, diffused light and improved ventilation. Dr. R.W. Corwin, originator of the design, served on the local school board for 44 years.

Eva R. Baca Elementary School, 2800 E 17th St

Fountain International Magnet School, Glendale Ave and 9th Street

Freed Middle School, 715 W. 20th street

Heritage Elementary School, on the site of the old Lincoln Elementary School

Irving Elementary   1629 W. 21st Street

Jefferson Elementary School, 401 S. Prairie

John Newman School on Lake Ave.

Keating Junior High School, District No 20

Morton Elementary School, 1900 W. 31st Street

PCC Campus  900 W Orman Ave

PCC Campus  900 W Orman Ave

PCC Campus 900 W Orman Ave

PCC Campus  900 W Orman Ave

Pueblo Community College

James H Risley Middle School   625 Monument Ave

Roncali Middle School, Hwy 78

Somerlid School 2719 West Street

South High School

Spann School, Now closed, 2300 Vinita Ave.

Therese Catholic School, 320 Goodnight, Street

Trinity Lutheran School, 701 W. Evans Street

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