FAA Urged To Act Fast
On Final Small-UAS Rule
Feb 15, 2015
Aviation Daily

Under the new proposed Part 107, unmanned aircraft under 55 lb. will not require airworthiness certificates and operators will not need pilots’ licenses for small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS). But operations will be restricted to daylight, under 87 kt. (100 mph.) and 500 ft. and within unaided—except for corrective lenses like glasses—visual line-of-sight of the operator. “This is because spectacles and contact lenses do not restrict a user’s peripheral vision while other vision-enhancing devices may restrict that vision,” FAA explains in the draft rule’s preamble.

The FAA is also seeking comment on whether it should create a separate “micro-UAS” classification for vehicles weighing no more than 4.4 lb. Limits being considered include a maximum speed of 30 kt, altitude of 400 ft., distance from the operator of 1,500 ft., and that the vehicle should be made of frangible materials to minimize collision damage.

Petition for Exemption under Section 333 Pending
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May 5, 2016
Steven C. Eller
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