634 Goodnight Church

634 Goodnight  Ave., Pueblo, CO 81005-1243



Owner may carry with 10% Down 8% Interest, 5 Year Balloon

Built 1959,   4,968 sq feet  Zoned R-2
2022 Property Tax was $  00.00  n/a as was a church.
Legal:  LOTS 1 TO 5 BLK 1 ADAMS SUB  Land is .38 Acres  4 Lots


Front door on the North side

Two doors on the West side, Upper floor and Lower floor


Off/on Street parking on the East side of Property

Office area on Main Floor                                   Class room? on Main Floor

Front area on main Floor

Stairs from main Floor to Main door on North side

Hall Way on Main Floor

Closet on Main Floor                                             Furance # 1 on Main Floor




Water fountain on Main level

Ladies Bathroom Upstairs

Men's Bathroom Upstairs

Stairs to East going outside or downstairs       Stairs from Main level going to Nursery in Upper area

Nursery in Upper area

Basement / Lower area


Closet in lower area

Classroom / Library in lower area

Hallway in Lower area

Rec Room in Lower area

Classroom in Lower area                                     Storage room in Lower area  

Storage room in Lower area  



Kitchen from Classroom

Hallway Lower area                                               Lower Area Drinking

Back-flow preventer in Kitchen area

Furnace # 2 on East side of Kitchen area

Furnace #3 in mechanical room West of Kitchen      Elect Box

mechanical room West of Kitchen